Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother's Day and our hospital adventure

Hi everyone,

For those that don't know, on Mother's Day Alyssa was admitted to the Banner Thunderbird PICU after she had a seizure and had to be intubated. My girl was on the ventilator from Sunday evening until Wednesday morning. For anyone with kids, this is the most horrifying experience. As with anything concerning your kids when they are little it's hard when you know something is wrong and they can't tell you what it is.

In any case, for the most part the nurses took great care of her and of me. Her night nurse was the best and if that girl could get an award I believe she should have it. However, her doctor was very condescending and wishy washy as to what was going on. My husband did not take kindly to that and ended up opening his mouth in such a rude way that the staff felt threatened and he was then banned from the hospital. Needless to say that added to the stress. I did learn that even if I had wanted her transferred out or wanted to take her home I couldn't have the the hospital would have called the police and had me arrested for taking my child out of the hospital against medical advice after her tube came out.

It's been a few weeks since she came home and there is not a single thing wrong with her. She is still her silly self and is still the same old child. I was exhausted and scared and it was a horrible experience. I don't wish it on any parent. I didn't expect it to happen to me and while it did I learned how well I would be able to deal in the same situation again. I have my girl back and am glad she is fine now. They were not able to figure out what exactly caused the seizure but it could very well have been a one time thing. I am hoping that is true. Thanks for checking in on our adventures and I will post more for you later


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