Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alyssa and the Nighttime Routine

Good morning everyone!

So anyone who has children knows the importance of a routine in a child's life. For a long time Alyssa didn't have a routine, mainly because we didn't have a routine. Finally, after a few weeks of my child not going to bed until 1 a.m. a routine was implemented. And this is the story of how the routine went last night.

Our routine consists of a bubble bath at 8 p.m. every night followed by oatmeal, a tooth brushing, a little bit of playing, a snuggle until she falls asleep and then I put her in bed. I know I know she should be going into her crib still mildly awake so she can put herself to sleep but the reasons behind that are for another post.

Anyway, last night before bath we were watching SYTYCD and Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger came on. She started to move to the music shaking her head back and forth like mom was doing in the chair in time to the music. It was the funniest thing. Well we all know that songs like this get stuck in your head so when I went to run her bath water I was singing it. When she was in the bath I was singing to her (very badly I might add) she started to kick her feet and splash with the music. I wish I had caught it on video. In any case, we too our bath, washed our hair and played with our pink duck. This duck is now her favorite bath toy because she found she can fill it with water and make it "pee" on her in the tub. The giggles are funny in and of themselves.

After bath we are out and dried off and in our jammies for the night eating oatmeal. The song came on again and she was riveted. We abandoned our oatmeal in favor of dancing and bites of dads angel food cake. Now that she finished eating I asked her if she wanted to go brush her teeth. I have never seen a child run so fast to brush their teet. She absolutely loves it. I brushed her teeth with her tooth brush and then she brushed them herself. It was awesome.

One last thing I need to mention is that my kid is almost as cute from behind as she is from the front and watching her run to the bathtub naked and then to brush her teeth in her jammies is one of the cutest thing I have seen.

In case YOU want to move like Jagger


  1. Vi loooooves brushing her teeth too! I was so worried that she would hate it but it must feel awesome on her poor teething gummies :(

    1. Lys RUNS literally runs to the bathroom when I mention brushing her teeth!!