Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sorry for the delay...

Hi Everyone,

So sorry that I have been lax in my postings here. I was so busy with school and all the drama that has gone on this summer that my blog has taken a back seat. Now that things are looking to calm down I can get back to posting.. Woooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

So we, Lys and I, recently went on vacation. We headed back east to attend the wedding of my childhood friend. I have known her for 33 years. It was a crazy crazy week and I was honestly ready to come home after two days.  However, once we weren't surrounded by a gazillion people I enjoyed myself.

Lys got to be out in the woods and was finally comfortable out there on day two which then proceeded to downpour. Hooray in on respect and a big thumbs down on the other. She was around other kids and came home with a bit more of a vocabulary. We are getting two and three word sentences now. Probably, we are the only ones who understand her but they are there. I think her dad is happiest with the sentence "My Dad" which she is saying with quite a bit of frequency.

She was around a lot of animals *4 cats and 4 dogs, one of which was a St Bernard* and cried hysterically the first day. By the end they were great from afar. So, that's not too bad either.

On the funnier side, when we went out for lunch at the Mexican restaurant one day they made us fresh guacamole. My child the proceeded to hog the bowl for herself and basically ate guacamole for lunch, avocados, tomatoes and onions. Changing diapers the next day was NOT a pretty task lol.

So that is my adventure in it's basic form. I will be back soon since I have a grrrrrrrrrreat story to tell about being at camp in the woods with a group of LARPER's. Funny and awesome all in one.. Should be interesting.. Can't wait to share. And in case you are wondering this is the link to the definition of a Larper lol

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