Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Girls Shouldn't Smell that Bad OR Adventures in Poop

Hello Everyone, 

I am sorry that I have been MIA lately but things have happened around here that have limited my computer time. Now having said that as I was changing a diaper this morning I realized that between my two kids I must have the smelliest children on the planet.

This issue with BOTH of them has started from birth. Tony had a bowel movement before he was delivered c-section in 2001 and Lys well my husband told me as soon as she was fully delivered she let loose and had a major "explosion". So, within hours of birth etc my two kids have pooped either in me or on me. Yeah, I know it's gross but it's a good beginning to the story.

Now anyone who knows me knows that Tony has what is called Mega-Colon and has had issues with bowel movements since a very young age. It results in him being a very stinky child because he can't go. However, that is slowly working itself out and I am hopeful that he will out grow it and be fine. Now, Lys on the other hand has no such issues. She is just naturally stinky. I think I have the picture around here somewhere from when she was a few months old. The poor thing hadn't pooped in over a day. And when she did it was EVERYWHERE. Her father felt obliged to go get the mask he wears when painting in order to help change her diaper. It has since gotten worse. The smell at least. The child poops at least once a day and inevitably it's the stinkiest part of my day.

This morning was the perfect example. I have NO idea why but the poop this morning was the color and consistency of chocolate frosting. I will never ever look at frosting the same again let me tell you. The smell was so gross and I kept repeating over and over that little girls should NOT smell this bad. I cleaned her up and sent her on her way but the idea stuck with me.

I apologize for the poop post but it's been "brewing" for 18 months lol. I will post again soon and on a much more pleasant subject.

Enjoy your weekend all



  1. OMG :D :)

    Amber,can you add the GFC widget to the sidebar? Because I'd like to follow the blog but I cannot :( Thanks!

  2. Hahaha. Its more stinky when they start painting with it. O.o

    And I agree, you need the GFC widget please.

  3. yes, that would be awesome to follow this blog!!

    I have five girls. They stink way more than boys do. The boys catch up in their teens with the farting. :-S

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