Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eat It... Don't Play with It!!

So, here it goes..

I seem to be be saying, the above a lot lately. Lys will be 2 in December and it seems that, while she is a magnificent eater, she likes to touch and roll her food around a lot in her hands. She thinks it's funny but tonight with the pasta and sauce it was more messy than anything. Ugh. However, I have been blessed with a child who eats well.

On to the next thing, my girl LOVES to be upside down. Seriously, everytime I turn around she is either standing on her head or standing upside down in my chair. It's so funny to see that smile and have her think she is the bees knees when she does it. My girl is definitely a source of happiness. I have been going to one on one therapy along with group therapy. My group therapy is Healing through Laughter and it is amazing. I would love to share what I have learned with anyone who wants to know. Just message me, but the point I am making is laughing and smiling with my Midgie has definitely helped. I never realized how healing laughter can be until group.

Now for the final part of this post, I have found that as a mom, wife and woman I do a TON of cleaning. I really don't like to use too many chemicals so I found a book that gave me ideas as to how to use ordinary stuff that I have around the house to do some great things without the extra expense. I would love to hear from you ladies if you would be interested in some of my findings and how well the work as well as sharing some of your tips and tricks. I will probably do a post nonetheless in the next few days. Cleaning, cooking and parenting tips are all parts of being a mom. Thank you ladies for your following.



  1. Well there are worse things she could be playing with. Trust me I know. I look forward to the tips. I plan on making my own laundry detergent as soon as the current bottle runs out. I don't like the smell of it and it doesn't clean nearly as well as my preferred brand, but since my preferred brand is expensive I would rather make my own.

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  3. Ok ladies I have been EXTREMELY remiss in posting here.. between school and now a temp job I am swamped. Not that I don't have love for you but I am almost done with my degree.. thank goodness I will be here I promise but right now my school work is like a full time job on top of the full time job .. On other notes though we are great... Lys is thriving and I am looking at preschools for her. she needs to socialized.. Any thoughts???

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  5. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again.