Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Great Sippy Cup Adventure

Happy Saturday Morning Everyone,

Yesterday was the day we decided to introduce the sippy cup into our repertoire of daily drinking activities. My reasoning for this is that she has figured out if she turns her bottle upside down it squirts her water everywhere. Yeah, that's not cool especially on my furniture. So, the sippy cup came out of the cabinet. Our first foray into it was NOT fun. My kid does not want to work for her drink. Well she didn't anyway. Once she got the hang of it the sippy cup was a hit. Now, it's a small sippy cup so multiple refills were necessary.

Now there is no saying whether she will use it for very long because I caught her trying to drink out of the bathtub cup and trying to drink out of the empty water bottle as well. Now, while my kid isn't talking very much she does understand and she is smarter than your average bear. I am hoping she'll talk soon because the whining is driving me over the edge. But in the meantime our sippy cup adventure has begun and we are learning something new everyday.. Oh did I mention she can no climb onto my furniture without any help?

Enjoy your weekend!

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