Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yes My Kid IS Normal.. You Wanna Fight About It?

Hello Everyone!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo recently I was talking to a friendand fellow mommy blogger (well yesterday) about the fact that my 18 month old was saying only a few words. I was worried about Lys having a speech delay. Between us we came to the conclusion that I shouldn't listen to those that say their almost 2 year olds have a ginormous vocabulary and relish in the fact that she knows all her body parts, follows instructions (as well as an 18 month old can of course), is funny, silly, smart, devious, and basically a NORMAL child.

So why was I freaking out? Well that came from the fact that there are others who have kids her age or older who seem to have these amazing powers of vocabulary and sportsmanship and are all around "superkids". I have this thing about being compared to others and it drives me nuts. Yet it's always out there. Some peoples kids are better than mine, better behaved, more advanced blah blah blah. And it pisses me off that these parents would dare say anything to me about my kids. When my son was in soccer he was an only child and was used to being first and getting his own way. The husband of an acquaintance had the balls to say to me "Where are the parents of THAT kid?" knowing full well he was mine. I layed into him pointing out that his son, who was a bit older than mine, was not the second coming of Christ and instead was a bully and a little jerk. I did the same thing when one of the parents on my son's t-ball team had the balls to make comments about not only my son but many of the other kids on the team because they were not as athletic and "good looking" as her kids.  And while there have been no disparaging remarks about my daughter, the implied slight to her intelligence and development pisses me off and I made it known that I did not appreciate being told that my kid was "retarded" because she isn't exposed to 10 million kids and people on a regular basis. I am not a social person and prefer my solitude. I take my child out and she sees children but there are never any kids her age at our park. Not my fault, I make the attempt and she is very social when she gets a chance. So, to all those who seem to think its OK to make remarks about another persons child unless you know them and their story.

Long story short, My kid is normal, both my kids are normal. They are smart and kind, funny, silly and loving. And if you want to say otherwise, we are going to have words.. Got it???


  1. From your own description - your daughter is well within normal range for speech. sometime around two years old they start talking more.

    I agree with you. I'm a mother of six kids. I didn't do anything special to turn my kids into super kids and I loathe the practice in other parents. It shows a complete lack of respect for their own child in my opinion - kids are not fashion accessories that have to do this or that at this and that time based on what's hot and sexy in child development!

    Good for you gurl!! They'll grow up smart and confident in themselves with you in their corner!

  2. Thanks Lissa.. this was in reference to my girlfriends daughter who is five months older than my Lys. We just went there for vacation and I am so glad my daughter is the way she is. While this little girl talks up a storm she also throws a fit when she is ignored and definitely gets her own way all the time especially when mom and dad are around so.. My kid may not talk. She may be clingy and shy BUT when told no her tantrums are short lived and she's smart. I appreciate your support.

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